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Client Alerts:

 Turkey Introduced Amendments to the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Code

• Amendments Introduced to the Financial Leasing Law

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operations in Turkey

• Bulletin on CTC Enforcement.

Article on Legal Aspects of Financial Leasing.

• Turkish Civil Aviation Authority has issued deregistration letters in several instances within five business days following our request for IDERA Enforcement.

• Pursuant to new provisions to the Administrative Directive of the CAA, it is decided that if the aircraft is in the country, then within five business days, or if it may not be brought to the country for inspection then within 30 days, the export airworthiness certificate will be issued.

• Enforcement of remedies under Article 13 has been tested by our office before the Commercial Courts

• Supplemental Article 2 of the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law enabling creditors who are willing to enforce their rights under Article 8.1 (a) and Article 10.1 (a) of the Cape Town Convention has been experienced by our office.

• Turkish Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is currently working on issuing a regulation determining the methods and principles relating to the claims under Convention and Protocol.

• Legislation Concerning Unruly Passengers

• Presidential Decree numbered 23 on Turkish Space Agency has been published, 13 December 2018

•  Registration of Aircraft in Turkey, 01 June 2018

Related Regulations:

•  Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and the Protocol to the Convention on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment has been ratified in Turkey and entered into force on 1 December 2011

•  The Financial Leasing, Factoring And Financing Companies Law No. 6361 has been published in the Official Gazette in Turkey on 13 December 2012

•  Turkish Civil Aviation Authority has published a directive effective as of 7 July 2014 on the procedure and principles of the execution, submission and recordation of IDERA. A revision has been made to the Administrative Directive becoming in effect as of 25 July 2017